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How do I participate in Arcade Lotto?

To participate, visit the Arcade Lotto DApp, choose a lottery pool, and purchase up to 5 tickets per wallet address for that pool using USDT.

What cryptocurrencies are accepted for participation?

Arcade Lotto only accepts Tether's USDT stablecoin over the Polygon (PoS) Network for participation in the lottery pools.

How are the winners chosen for each lottery pool?

Winners are selected randomly through a provably fair and decentralized process with API3's QRNG, preventing any external manipulation or interference.

How is the prize distribution structured?

90% of each jackpot is split among three winners (40%, 30%, and 20%), while the remaining 10% goes to the developers for platform management and expenses.

What is the referral system and how does it work?

The referral system rewards users for referring winning participants. A portion (10%) of the 90% prize distribution is used to reward referrers and fund the Mega Referral Pool.

How can I participate in the Mega Referral Pool?

To participate in the Mega Referral Pool, sign up using a referral link and join any existing lottery pool. The referral pool rewards 60 lucky winners with $1,000 each upon every Mega Referral Pool draw!

Can I participate in multiple lottery pools at once?

Yes, you can participate in multiple lottery pools at once. However, you are limited to purchasing a maximum of 5 tickets per wallet address for each pool.

How are funds secured on the platform?

Funds are secured through the use of smart contracts on the Polygon (PoS) Network blockchain, ensuring transparency and safety from external manipulation.

What happens if a lottery pool does not reach the maximum number of participants?

The platform will continue to accept new participants until the pool reaches its maximum capacity. Once the maximum number of participants is reached, the winners will be selected & allowed to claim their rewards. The next pool will also then begin automatically within 2 minutes.

How can I track the progress of each lottery pool?

You can track the progress of each pool on the Arcade Lotto DApp. The platform will display the number of participants and the current jackpot amount for each pool.

How will I know if I've won a prize?

If you win a prize, the winnings will reflect in your arcade console on the home page and you will be allowed to claim your winnings by withdrawing the USDT you have won to your personal crypto wallet address. Additionally, the platform will display the winning wallet addresses for transparency in the Leaderboard section.

Can I participate in the platform without joining the referral system?

Yes, you can participate in the lottery pools without joining the referral system. However, you won't be eligible for rewards from the Mega Referral Pool if you choose not to sign up using a referral link.

Are there any fees associated with participating in Arcade Lotto?

The platform does not charge any additional fees for participation. However, users should be aware of any blockchain transaction fees associated with the Polygon (PoS) Network when purchasing tickets or receiving winnings.

How can I stay updated on the latest news and developments for Arcade Lotto?

To stay updated on the latest news and developments, follow Arcade Lotto's official social media channels or join our community on Discord. Links for all are available in the footer section below.

How do I know that the platform is truly decentralized and fair?

Arcade Lotto operates on the Polygon (PoS) Network blockchain using smart contracts, ensuring a transparent and provably fair system. Additionally, the platform utilizes API3's QRNG which is a decentralized mechanism for randomising and selecting winners, thus preventing any external manipulation or interference.

Are there any fees associated with withdrawing my winnings?

Yes, a flat 0.1% withdrawal fee will be applied to every withdrawal.

What are Pixel Points?

Pixel Points are reward points you earn each and every time you participate in any of the lottery pools in Arcade Lotto.

Are Pixel Points only given to winners?

No, Pixel Points are given to every participant who successfully participates.

How can I earn more Pixel Points?

The more you participate while buying higher number of tickets in each lotto pool, grants you the chance to earn more Pixel Points which also allows you to redeem and unlock higher exciting prizes!

Where can I redeem my Pixel Points?

You can redeem your Pixel Points in the Pixel Points Arena whenever an Event goes live. Each Event allows you to unlock all new exciting prizes and unique collectables!

How do I know my Pixel Points score can't be tampered with?

The Pixel Points you earn are embedded into the smart contracts on the blockchain and since we know transactions on the blockchain are immutable, nobody from the Arcade Lotto team or anywhere else can tamper with your earnings as long as you continue to have access and keep your crypto wallet used to interact with Arcade Lotto - safe and secure!

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